Nice To Meet You, I Hate You

by Flowers Taped To Pens

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San Diego Twinkly Screamo. Reissue with 2 extra songs off their first Split EP.


released April 27, 2015

Conner Sgarbossa - Vocals
Erik Jensen - Guitar/Drums/Vocals
Silas Smith - Guitar/Drums/Vocals
Ethan Sgarbossa - Bass/Guitar/Vocals

Recorded by Erik Jensen.

Album art by Conner Sgarbossa



all rights reserved


Bad Break Records Yucaipa, California

Small label run by two dudes in Southern California. Making Sad Punx dreams come true.

EST. 2014

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Track Name: My Parent's House
Biting off your lips in the mirror, I can see that you're,
watching me, comfort me
The sun is up and i can tell you, i don't want to be alone
be alone, be alone
Warm clay in the palms of my hand this is not how i planned,
give up, give up

You'll fly away
attempt to sound sane
I am still something
just less than half
Track Name: How Can Hip Hop Be Dead if Wu Tang is Forever?
Its 2 am, and i am just inches from the goddess
from the devil
and everything in between
i wanna see you looking back at me

Why can't i be everything you want me to be
I've seen you with those dark sunken eyes
I wish i could just cut off my ears
and then absolve everything that i felt for you

(under these stars
I cant see
your pale face
I'll stop fooling myself)

Wouldn't it be nice?
Track Name: A Little Less Than Half
I can't resign, it makes me feel like i am worth it
I can't even see, what's fucking in front of me
I can't breath right, and it's not that i don't care
I'm just trying to be everything i am not

Can i feel sorry for myself
will you let me say i am tired?
can you hear a somber cry?
as the sun begins to rise

My fingers are tied
to a sense, i am lost
time not well spent
to myself i am still
homesickness, not a place but feeling
like i have nothing, and that's all i can have

(what's on the line please just see through me
I am not here, just breath through me)

Insomnia its nice to meet you
my dreams have stabbed me in the back
you know that i can forget
but its only temporary
there is no such thing as a waste of time
just a waste of space and the worth of time

and the smoke from our lungs
Track Name: I Wondered What Dying Feels Like
I traded my life for a ticket to the sea
i saw the world and my heart was still empty
to take my life would be a beautiful thing
reverse the burden make amends with the sea
Track Name: Now I Know
When the car hit the ground,
I heard the sound,
Of bones metal and flesh imploding onto the dirt,
It took too long to feel scared or hurt,
I felt invincible in dying,
Face down in the dirt and crying,
Coming back to bed sweats and stiff hairs drying
Only made me feel worse.
I don't wanna die but I think about dying all the time,
I don't wanna die but I dream about dying all the time
Track Name: Ghost In My Bed
Can you hold me down?
Shove your finger down my throat
it's a sentimental value

And a promise to new hope
can you hear me?
let the leaves fall to the ground
can it still be you?
As the wind howls deafening sound
Douse ourselves in gasoline
Our bodies need fuel
With ghosts in my head
and all that's been said
I Can't decide will you miss me?

The ghosts in my dreams
migrating North
In search of something left behind
what did you become?
lend me your feathers and walk up the shore

and the sea is rising, don't mind me
now the tide is changing, watch what washes up
wrapping waves around you, do dreams float?

You are swept away
There's nothing to fear
Time's not so clear
I am still here
Track Name: The Same Street
Our lives, Last fury
Play the question games, sorting blame
I'll break every bone till you come back,
but i can't fill space that i lack

Last night i gave them away,
ghosts and needles, stay to play
I'll pull my teeth everyday, but I won't feel good anyway

Where are they?
Summers Day
We still stay
That same street
How can you?
Still be here?
With these days?
Bitter Shade