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South Bay LA Real Screamo. If you're a fan of 90's Screamo, then you will love these dudes. Raw and emotional fast music.

Cassette Tapes Available here:

Co released with Trevor Tapes.



released April 23, 2015

Adryan - Drums
Quinn - Bass
Ryan - Guitar/ Vocals
Zach - Vocals.

Shea Mitchell - Recording



all rights reserved


Bad Break Records Yucaipa, California

Small label run by two dudes in Southern California. Making Sad Punx dreams come true.

EST. 2014

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Track Name: A Wrinkled Love Note From Sun Cafe
Albert Camus once said, the only question in life worth asking is should I kill myself. And now everyday I find myself getting closer to finding the answer. But in a life marked with failure, the answer seems so obvious. In the depths of the winter of my soul. There lay an invincible summers day. That longed to hold. Again and again. But those days are broken and I'm gone. It feels broken and I'm sorry I lied. But this consciousness is fleeting. Just know the pain I feel in myself. And I still think of every day we spent and every night we shared.
Track Name: Letters
On my soul yields the foot prints of a thousand men. Trampled. Begotten. By those who knew not of strife or anguish. Left alone in a bed to big. You left me alone. I'm desperate again. Alone. I'm not my self. I can not feel. The longest sentence you said was goodbye.
Track Name: It's More Like A Message To You (Jeromes Dream Cover)
And these sleepless nights. Tossing and turning. The second most important part of me is untouchable. We had one night and not enough time. We all make mistakes. There's nothing I can do. It's just a part of life. Welcome to my life. This is me.
Track Name: Clouds Passing Over Planes In Texas Remind Me Of The Summer Of The Blue Jay
I breath hot air on cold glass to trace a heart around the woman I loved. Anxious to share one final fleeting moment. But it goes. My body leaves. I can feel my mind wander. Why did I do this. In life failure was my only escape. All these clouds they pass and it goes. And clouds. Must fall.
Track Name: Fairchild Down
In a life marked by the fear i feel and the pain that is me. I am lost again. Left to drown. I can't see straight. Dragged out. With no rebuttal. It ends. But I strive to remember a time in my life that was remotely my own. That Is enough. But I prevail. If not just for a few more hours.